Verde Natural is a...

soil grown cannabis denver colorado


Our hand grown cannabis is cultivated in small batches right here in the northern part of Denver, Colorado. Our indoor soil growing system mimics the plants natural ecosystem to bring out the natural flavor profile of each strain and maximize potency.  Each plant is fed an organic diet of naturally occurring nutrients. 


recreational dispensary denver colorado


Walking into a Verde Natural dispensary is a totally different experience than any other dispensary. Instead of listing out a bunch of products like edibles and flower strains from you to choose from, we give each customer a one on one consultation. Our goal is to match each customer with products fit for your intended use; relaxation, meditation, creativity, focus, energy, & recovery.  

cannabis educator denver colorado


We are committed to ensuring cannabis users have access to safe and clean cannabis. We host events to educate consumers, growers and other industry professionals on the importance of natural growing practices. We also offer a partnership program for growers or entrepreneurs who want access to our blueprint for growing all natural indoor cannabis commercially.