Every cannabis plant at Verde Natural is soil grown, organically fed, hand trimmed and slow cured! We are 100% hands on with every step of the process. Yes, growing in soil is more time consuming and yields less flower compared to other styles of growing (i.e. hydroponics), but we are OK with this. Our goal is not to grow the most flower; it's to grow the highest quality flower. 

We grow in soil because cannabis plants have been growing in soil for thousands, if not millions, of years. As our master grower puts it...

"Cannabis has evolved to be in active communication and exchange with a diverse community of beneficial microbes to uptake nutrients in an optimal and dynamic way. Hydroponic and synthetic cultivation systems override the inherent intelligence of the plant. In hydro, the human chooses when and what the plants eat. In soil, the human provides everything the plant needs, but allows the plant to choose when and what to eat. I believe that respecting and encouraging the plant's natural intelligence allows cannabis to reach its highest potential in regard to terpene and cannabinoid production. Every strain gets the chance to express its unique terpene profile [smell] - unspoiled by chemical additives."
Cassandra Maffey
Master Grower at Verde Natural