The partner program is for entrepreneurs looking to start a company from scratch or for facilities looking to convert an existing indoor grow. We provide the blueprint, the team, and continual support.

With our blueprint you get access to our scalable cultivation structure and layout, secret living soil recipe, weekly nutrient regiment, pruning methods, along with our drying, trimming and curing techniques.

You'll also have access to 24/7 support from real growers, our hire Happy Farmers Program, numerous training programs, & a monthly performance meeting.


Using the blueprint of our living soil grow gives you the upper hand.

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Less competition.

Over the last 15 years our living soil system has been developed by the esteemed master grower, Cassandra Maffey. Most organic soil cultivation systems are still in their infancy making it hard to grow at scale, keep yields up and output flower that rivals the potency and flavor profiles of Verde’s flower strains.

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25,000 sqft? 50,000 sqft? 100,000 sqft? Most soil based grows today are less than 25,000 sqft in total. Why? Scaling an organic soil grow has been a hurdle for boutique growers the past few years. Good news though, we’ve jumped this hurdle and aren’t looking back. Our cultivation systems unique structure makes scaling up a breeze.

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Premium flower.

The 15+ years of experience, organic diet, 1-on-1 care of each plant, hand feeding, hand trimming and curing process produces a flower that is unrivaled in taste and potency. Very little marketing is needed because the flower literally sells itself. Just ask our customers.


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Increasing demand.

Cannabis users want a flower that not only tastes good but isn’t full of toxic chemicals. A study conducted by the cannabis business times indicated that 40% of cultivators grow organically in soil. Users clearly are avoiding chemical laden flower and opting to pay a few more dollars to get the good stuff.

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Higher price point.

Currently our selling price per pound is 25% higher than the industry average,  $1,650 vs $1,100. Wondering if the customer is willing to pay a higher price point? The answer is yes. Currently we sell an average of 250 pounds every month. What’s great is the 25% difference translates into only a $6 difference for the customer.

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We are all about reducing our carbon footprint. Living soil is great because as the name implies you keep the soil alive. Each month we save tonnes of soil by recycling it after each harvest. This means instead of sending it off to a landfill we keep feeding it. We’ve been using the same soil for nearly 2 years now! Most grows toss their soil after each harvest because it’s so tainted with toxic chemicals.

A look at the numbers.

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Holy yields! 

1.5 lbs per light is just a 33% difference when compared to hydroponic yields (2.25 lbs per light). While it's less, remember that Verde flower sells at a premium price point, which on average is 25% higher than the competition. 

weed harvest

That's a ton of weed, literally! 

In 2017 we harvested 2,800 pounds from our 13,000 square foot plant canopy. Take the average pound per strain and you'll notice that we generated nearly $4 million in revenue for the year. 

we save soil

13,810 bags of soil?

We saved $180,000 by recycling every cubic yard of our soil in 2017. This is a win, win and win. We keep the microbial activity alive which makes the plants happy, we reduce our carbon footprint and we save money in the meanwhile. 

Why our blueprint for living soil cultivation works better than the rest. 

Structure and layout of the grow facility. 

Whether you're using a greenhouse or warehouse our blueprint divides the facility into partitions. 


Scalability. Growing in smaller batches keeps the plants well separated for optimal yield and disease control. 

The partitions also allow us to conduct tests with new strains, new technology and compare results in a scientific way to determine measurable benefits that can then be implemented on a larger scale. 


The pruning method. 

We trim out each plant from the time it's in vegetation right through flowering. This allows the plant to direct energy and resources to the right places to increase yields.

Pruning also helps with airflow for pest management. Lower densities of leaves on the plants make essential oil and other organic applications more effective.

We are not perfect, every garden is susceptible to disease and pests. Nature is nature. 

Our 15 year old living soil recipe.

Our soil is full of microbial activity, hence living soil. With this system, we are feeding the microbes, not the plants. 

We use two types of nutrients. Granular nutrients which decay slowly through the life of the plant and liquid nutrients that we feed regularly and are absorbed quickly. Again we are concerned with strengthening the microbial life around the roots of the plant. 

We respect that nature knows best. We are not telling the plant what to consume but are leaving it up to the plants to choose what they consume. With hydroponic and other synthetic systems you are force feeding the plant which can lead to harsh tasting flower.

Drying, trimming and curing. 

After months of hard work in the garden, the last thing you want is an improperly cured flower. Post-harvest is just as critical as the full growth cycle. 

Our farmers hang dry the flowers using an old-school hippie hang method developed in the mountains of Humboldt County. 

Once dried, the flowers are hand trimmed by full-time trimmers. 
We use real people for trimming because they know how to shape each specific strain. With machines, you'll end up trimming off a majority of the most valuable part of the flower, the trichomes. 

After trimming the flower is cured in buckets. Much like a fine wine we want each strain to show off its unique flavor profile. Most facilities skip a proper cure, but not us! 

Weekly nutrient regiment. 

Yes, we talked nutrients already but wanted to give you a few more details about the liquid nutrients we feed our plants each week.

What we feed the plant's changes weekly depending on what stage of growth they're in and the strain. Over the past 15 years we've developed a consistent recipe for each week to optimize yields, flavor and potency. We continue to develop this recipe through testing and experimentation. 

The recipe each week is all natural consisting of compost teas, bat guano, etc. Each feeding regiment varies depending on the strain of flower being grown. 

Farmers that care and are experienced. 

We only hire people who truly care about cannabis and personal growth. Our high-quality flower requires a dedicated team 24/7. Our unique living soil system won't work without the right people in place. 

That's why we make each of our farmers complete a 6 month immersive. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn our system. It's also the key to consistent results in flower output. 

As part of the partner program, you'll have an opportunity to hire farmers we've trained in the Verde facility to make sure your system is properly implemented and maintained. 

Seeking candidates for the 2018 partner class. 


Verde Natural is kicking off its annual partner program application round. For this years program will be selecting one lucky candidate to enter the program.

Believe you're a good fit for the program? Then start out the application process below. Once we review your submission will contact you to setup an initial interview. After the interview is conducted will determine if you advance to the next round. 

Application deadline is June 1, 2018.