Orange Blossom Fizz- The Hunt

How beautiful is the range of the cannabis plant?  A single cultivar can produce an incredibly vast spectrum of terpene profiles, thus vastly altering the experience each person will receive when smoking it.  The tiniest details can create the largest differences; as above, so below.  As we continue our transition into new cultivars in our living soil gardens, Orange Blossom Fizz has created some buzz within the Colorado facility.  While these currently cure, we are evaluating five different phenotypes; what we have described below are three of those.

Starting with OBF #4; releasing a sharp, zesty, and borderline minty orange profile while the bud structure is fairly narrow.  While the OBF #5  is almost the opposite; provoking a rounder citrus sensation, borderline lemonade due to its slight sweet and welcoming aroma.  OBF #6, oddly enough, is a beautiful balance of #4 and #5; reminiscent of an orange cream pie…sweet, savory, slightly creamy, and balanced.

While considering the bud structures for the Orange Blossom Fizz, the common traits must be scrutinized in order to determine the most dominant effects.  Additionally, within this examination, we take necessary steps to regulate what the most ideal option would be, whether to release for commercial access or for more research.  We notice these similar traits by evaluating the growth characteristics of the plant as a whole as well as consider the buds on their own; smaller details making up the big picture.  It’s this mindset that is at our core, our dedication to our community to bring you the good life.

On the surface, the similarities in each of the OBF batches are caked buds that produce narrow yet lengthy buds. While diving further, we see how each characteristic of the cannabis flower produces small-yet-narrow buds for the OBF #4 and #6, the OBF #3 and #5 are round-yet-narrow; to understand the differences in thickness, this would be comparable to a group of five pencils grasped in your hand vs a group of 10 pencils.  The density of buds is not always telling on how the flower will wash or smoke.  If the flower is more open, loose, or “fluffy,” our lab will prefer that to wash as the water/ice will have a better chance of knocking off the trichomes heads, while a bud that is dense is preferable to smoke as the entire product will be desired.  At this time, we have not produced a test wash of any OBF phenotype…curing takes time; quite simply, we’re extremely excited for results to be ready!

Whether it be for smoking, washing, or processing for edibles, a pheno-hunt is necessary to exclude the characteristics of each plant we don’t want to hone in the desired final product of the traits we do want.  We’re looking at every detail available to us, visually and physically, to determine what we should keep for you all, cultivating the good life. As always, stay tuned to here and our Instagram for more information on our genetics projects and pheno-hunts!

-Bernie Patterson

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