Hazelnut Cream: Our Breakdown

Hazelnut Cream (F1) - 

The premier, award winning strain in our arsenal, Hazelnut Cream, produces a pungent cheesy, funky, slightly sweet profile.  This cultivar produces a high that is generally a 70/30 indica-leaning cultivar but will largely depend on the user's level of energy.  It’s important to note the minimal mango, sweet-fruit undertones when burned at a lower temperature (480-500°F).  This provides insight to its genetic background of Miami Haze x Cookies and Cream.  

Historically, Miami Haze is allegedly a copy of Columbian Haze, giving it the mango-sweetness undertones.  However, combined with a neutral yet fruity and funky high of Cookies and Cream gives us this incredibly deep profile that is Hazelnut Cream.  The F1 moniker dictates this is the first generation of this strain, coming from its original genetic background and not altered or crossed with anything else.

Hazelnut Cream (F2) - 

Contrary to the F1, Hazelnut F2 (also known as Hazelnut Cream F2 or simple, F2) produces the haze notes without the haze high.  That creates a huge gap in the haze world as that profile tends to bring out a heavy cerebral, upper body-focused high.  For those types of highs stem from lemon, sharp citrus, or old rinds are the terpenes; they’re all over this strain.  However, nothing about this strain purposely invokes anxiety, as it still is a 70/30 indica leaning high.

In general, haze cultivars do not tend to not yield particularly well, but, again, Hazelnut F2 does not abide by these guidelines.  Consistently dumping and offering a ginger, lemon-lime, slightly sweet finishing profile gives us the notion of a complex yet extremely refreshing profile.  

Hazelnut Cream 2.0 -

The best of both Hazelnut worlds, the combined mixed batch of the Hazelnut Cream F1 + Hazelnut Cream F2 gives us Hazelnut Cream 2.0.  A complete embrace of the funk and slight ginger-citrus is evident as it is flavorful.  To reiterate, this is primarily a 70/30 indica leaning high, varied by the users present biochemistry.  By washing the two together, trichomes are able to congeal and hold onto one another; both trichome sizes and gland thickness are similar, making this transition practically seamless.  

The significance of this blend is an opportunity to create new and deep profiles, giving each user the ability to distinguish which terpenes stand out more than the others. The ultimate goal is to create, progress, and push the boundaries of what we know is good but can be better.  This mindset is at the core of what we do-allowing us to distinguish between profiles and highs, pushing the envelope and broadening our horizons towards a complex and enjoyable Hazelnut Cream experience.

We are beyond excited to use this strain for a variety of projects, allowing us to embrace its versatility. Hazelnut Cream offers traditional haze notes without the traditional haze high, making it a truly unique plant; something we have not found in our collective research and search of a variety of cultivars over time. Stay tuned to our Instagram (@verdenaturalgardens) for all the special plans we have in store for this cultivar!

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