What is Living Soil and Why It's So Important

To some, soil is nothing more than dirt. At Verde Natural, though, we believe it’s a vital source of life. By maintaining the health of our soil, we ensure our cannabis gets the nutrients it needs to naturally express its full therapeutic potential, while helping protect our planet.


Most growers force-feed their plants harsh synthetic nutrients that kill off beneficial microbes in their soil. Not us. We feed our soil organic nutrients sourced from the earth, like alfalfa meal, proprietary probiotic compost teas, worm castings, limestone and kelp meal.


At the end of the harvest, other growers’ soil is lifeless and has to be thrown out, wasting precious natural resources. But by keeping our soil alive and continuously amending it with nutrients, we can reuse it harvest after harvest, growing natural, healthier plants while reducing our impact on the environment.

Cannabis Flower

Nurturing the soil-food web at Verde Natural allows our plants to naturally take in the nutrients they need when they need them, so you can experience the full expression of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids you deserve in your cannabis and the most complete entourage effect in our hashish.