What Makes Verde Flower So Different?

Each plant at Verde Natural is grown by hand in living soil which gives each flower a uniquely vibrant flavor, one you won't find in other flower.

It All Begins With Living Soil.

It's Alive!


Each plant at Verde Natural is tended by hand in a Living Soil System with zero automation throughout the process. This gives each flower a uniquely vibrant flavor, one you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Our Farmers hand water each plant a diet of homebrewed compost teas, fish emulsion and molasses to complement the 100’s of LBS of organic matter amended into the soil each cycle.

Hand Grown

Our specialized slow cure process is the key final step to locking in those bold
natural flavors our plants developed from consuming a diet of naturally cycled
organic matter.

Adding That Personal Touch

Hand trimming is slowly becoming a lost art, even with cannabis in the early stages of legalization. Not at Verde Natural though! Hand trimming is important because a trimmer has more control than a machine. Hand trimming maintains potency and flavor in your flower.

Machines tend to strip away a majority of the trichomes where terpenes and cannabinoids live, which defeats the purpose of using cannabis. Machine trimmed cannabis can easily be identified by its symmetrical pine tree shape and flowers will look more or less the same in the jar.

Verde Natural Flowers Are Used In Every Product We Make

Verde Natural Flower is Used In Every Product We Make

Solventless Hash Oil
Solventless Hash Oil Vape Pen

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