Mixed Batches: Our Logic Behind a Mixed Dab

When creating mixed batches we believe combining the flowers during the wash leads to better results than mixing the trichomes after they’re dry, prior to pressing.  We hand-stir to gently knock the glands off their stalks at a cold enough temperature to maintain structural integrity and so they aren’t damaged due to agitation.  The reasoning behind this logic is hidden in the workings of ice water extraction itself.

The trichome head is a bulb-shaped gland that houses the secretory reservoir and is the place of production for most all cannabinoids and terpenes created by the plant.  This barrier protects the terpenes and cannabinoids from the elements of nature, but it is also this barrier that allows the trichome to accumulate cannabinoids and terpenes to a point where it becomes denser than water and efficiently sink. During this process, heads from each strain will settle together, creating a completely homogeneous hash. Keeping in mind that each strain may have different coloration of the trichomes based on the contained phytochemicals of its genetics. More importantly, if blending hash after the wash, colors won’t be homogenous and neither will the flavor. The hash is then dried and pressed together. During this process, terpenes are collectively diffusing as they would in a perfume. This leads to a complete symbiosis of flavors and smells, leading to a profound difference in the outcome than just mixing something like GMO and Chemmy Jones cultivars together after both are pressed or washed individually.  As we dissect this part of the data, we are able to narrow down next which trichome sizes work best with each cultivars, most 120-90 micron, sometimes 180, 160, even 70 micron can be amazingly abundant in certain strains.  Should a strain that washes well contain trichome heads in the higher ranges listed above, we would want to utilize those to our advantage to bring the truest character of the cultivars we’re using.

To reemphasize, this strictly applies to combining trichome heads in the style that we do and our findings are only from our lab’s results.  Because of our work with single-strain hash varieties, we can transfer that data to the current space we have embarked upon-allowing us to create new varieties, cultivate a better life for the patient and customer, as well as discover new blends that emphasize medicinal benefits and encourage recreational enjoyment.

-Bernie Patterson and Julian Casellas

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